Whitewash Picnic Tables

Earlier this month I shared with you how we finally finished of our farmhouse front porch with the help of DIY projects, and are loving the relaxing space.  This post is another DIY focused on the outdoor space, and gives us an inexpensive solution for outdoor eating.  While we don’t do tons of eating outdoors (pig buildings = lots of flies) we still use the tables for entertaining and activities.

We started off with inexpensive wooden picnic tables from a nearby lumber yard.  Each spring the lumber yard will build several and sell them until they are gone.  Very reasonably priced, and sturdy, I bought four so they could be used in our barn during classes and outside during barn sales and kid parties.

Make basic picnic tables shine with a coat of whitewash!

They arrived functional, but of course I couldn’t just leave them like that.  I was pretty sure that they needed a good whitewashing.

We used exterior paint, that was water-based, and mixed up some whitewash.

The exterior paint used for whitewashing picnic tables.

After the first coat you could still see the grain, but it was still really light.  So we ended up doing two coats of whitewash.

The first coat of whitewash on the picnic table seat. The first coat of whitewash on the picnic table seat.

Two coats of the paint, using the same whitewash technique that I share over here, and these tables were sturdy, economical, and beautiful!  I’m one happy farm wife!

Picnic tables after two coats of whitewashing.Whitewash picnic tables to go from basic to fabulous!

Finally! The Farmhouse Front Porch Reveal.

Today is the first day of school, which in my mind means that summer is over.  So this post sharing my front porch reveal is long overdue. Our front porch combines my blush colored door, faux tile cement floor, and the most comfortable front porch couch that ever there was.  Take a peek at the photos of our comfortable farmhouse front porch, as well as the full list of sources and DIY tutorials can be found at the bottom.  And you are all invited to come sip a cup of coffee and watch a good thunderstorm from my front porch sometime.

Cozy farmhouse front porch.

Farmhouse front porch with light pink front door and string lights.

Front porch full of potted plants.

Farmhouse front porch.

Front porch full of plants and comfy outdoor couch.

Blush front door and cement tiles.

Cement tile look with stenciling for the farmhouse front porch.

Pink front door and rusty metal house numbers.

Welcoming pink front door for the farmhouse.

Sources and DIY tutorials for the comfortable farmhouse front porch:

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